Photograph by Naeem Adam

In our Winter issue we are celebrating the combination of architecture, the art of black and white photography and the tangible magic of print. DECO challenged our readers to take a stroll in the streets and see the everyday with a new perspective – in black and white, lines, shapes and reflections. And the result was an entirely crowd-sourced inspiration feature of black and white architectural images.

clockwise from top left: Photographs by Vivan Raubenheimer, Kelly Rae du Plooy, Etienne Du Plooy, Terrence Mkhwanazi, Etienne Du Plooy, John Tapuch, Aaron Thomas

The Winter Issue is all about taking a breath; slowing it all down and taking a step back from the at times overwhelming current digital world. For the Architectronics black and white feature, we asked our readers be an observer and show their perspective. We were not looking for architectural photography perfection, but rather the poetry of architecture and light combined. To find simplicity in the chaos. To be inspired by the photography greats of the past or present. To consider the shot before you even take it.

clockwise from top left: Photographs by Danie Bester, Lesedi Mogale, Sebastien Degardin, William Martinson, Liani Douglas

The result was a full Inspiration feature both in print and living digitally online, entirely crowd-sourced from our readers. To the participants in the Architectronics feature…thank you for playing such a magic part in our Winter issue – it’s been a pleasure working with you.

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For more magical black and white architectural images turn to page 14 of our Winter Issue, on shelves now!

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