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10 Architectural Photography Accounts To Follow on Instagram

Architectural Photography Instagram
Matthias Heidrich

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite architectural photography Instagram creatives. If you appreciate interesting building forms, colour and breathtaking landscapes then you will love these accounts.

A master of minimalism, Jeanette Hägglund, captures the way bright buildings come to life, focusing on angles set against the sky. Her colourful approach to minimalism brings a fresh aesthetic to the study of architecture, emotive and alive.

Angles, texture and detail come to mind when looking at Rory Gardiner’s work. His photographic style mixes contemporary with classic bringing forth dreamy images with breathtaking landscapes.

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“Photography is a meditation and an escape,” says award-winning Patryk Kuleta. His images take on a narrative of their own, placing us at the exact moment in time, right there with the building. A rare skill that can only be mastered with patience.

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Hufton + Crow are an award-winning photographic duo whose travels have allowed them to experience scenic places with rich architecture.

You will love Matthias Heidrich’s account if you’re into indie film-esque photography which captures the vibrance of bright buildings in isolated space. Hendrich is one of the most renowned architectural photographers with several awards and accolades to his name.

This Santiago-based photographer puts the minimal in minimalism. Estudio Palma captures the simplicity of contemporary architecture playing with monochrome as a motif for much of his imagery.

Sebastian Weiss’ “Le Blanc” Instagram page is truly a reflection of his love of contours and abstract shapes. As a photographer and photo columnist, he finds his inspiration through challenging himself to fit expansive buildings into an Instagram-size block, something that has aided him in perfecting his strong abstract technique.

For Fernando Guerra, combining what one sees on the exterior with the interior is what brings forth the liveliness that is synonymous with his images. His simple approach to capturing architectural structures in between “life as it happens” is something that can be attributed to his design and photography background.

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@jacobsenarquitetura and the FL house

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Tekla Evelina Severin is a guru when it comes to finding hidden gems. Her eye for colour and interesting shapes make her compositions seem like make-believe structures.

Concrete abstractions, isolation and dreamscapes. Simone Bossi’s unusual approach to photography is one that has made him a well-respected architectural photographer with a nuanced perspective on capturing buildings – expect shadow play and clean lines.

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Second Wind / James Turrell / Vejer de la Frontera / ES

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