From the 6th – 8th March, Coco Karoo Interiors is hosting fashion designer Ariane Besson’s first capsule collection inspired by India.


You are invited to view these extraordinary Indian inspired garments on the at Coco Karoo. The Old Scout Hall, 17 Durban Road, Chelsea Village, Wynberg, Cape Town.

Bombay Babe is amorphous and unidentifiable as a character. She wears a bag made in the largest slum of the world, Dharavi, and mixes it with a vintage watch or a designer garment.It’s the irreverence and juxtaposition of things that I like. Labels have become way too sacred and easy an access to glamour or style. Discretion is the real luxury.
Ariane explains:
‘It was very simple before. ABCD. Ariane Besson Commercials Director. Now its a tad confusing. Am I a designer ? That would make an imposter out of me. I am simply using an asset that saw me through theatre design, styling, art directing and directing to make a project happen.
Bombay Babe is my current project that I intend developing, growing, transforming and incorporating other forms of visuals. Film especially. Bombay Babe is about telling a story and eventually many stories.
Ultimately, Bombay Babe is more an idea based label than a fashion label per se. I plan developing it further using both my art direction and tv commercials director background.The next pop up is planned For Paris end of May and then I wish to take it back to Bombay.
The craftsmanship which comes from the Moghuls, is what interests me combined with street culture. Its not a hippy look. Resort come laid-back urban wear is how I describe it.’
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Ariane Besson
M: +27 82 604 5910
Facebook: Bombay Babe