Despite being a virtual space, Ashes & Milk provides the viewer with a strong sense of being in a quiet place – somewhere to take your time and feel the mood and texture of the exquisite things on offer.

This newly-opened online gallery is all about a reverence for traditional methods, and the belief that the things we bring into our homes should have a soul and a sense of history. Here are some of the things that spoke to me when I visited Ashes & Milk.

These Bamboo Spoons are made by Mori Kowa, master of the Japanese lacquer technique known as Urishi. Each carved spoon is dipped and polished repeatedly, building up the exquisitely smooth lacquer layer over time.

The ceramic Utsuro Ware mug with hollow handle by Taka Suzuki looks more like a sculpture than a household utensil, and just begs to be cupped in your hands.

These illustrated stones – or Pierres Graphiques – are each quite unique, as they’re hand decorated by Yoran Morvant. These stones, in a group or just one alone, are perfect contemplative objects.

Visit the Ashes & Milk website to see what catches your eye, and keep up with the gallery’s progress and plans by reading the Ashes & Milk blog by owner Nikko Moy.