10 kitchen tips & tricks from Cordev - #askDECO

At DECO, we love an exquisite kitchen. You can find out just how much as we go kitchen-crazy in our latest issue, #Ideas101. So when we had the opportunity to host an #askDECO kitchen special on Twitter, we naturally asked in the experts at Cordev to answer all of your burning questions.

Donovan Barnard, Cordev’s talented and knowledgeable Marketing & Creative Director, was only too happy to take the floor. During his fast-paced hour-long Twitter interview, Donovan not only fielded your curious kitchen questions and a good grilling from our own Team DECO, but he also managed to leave us with some inspiring tips to perfect any cooking space.

Here are some highlights from this week’s lunch & learn, with a few bonus questions to boot. Make sure you join us for the next one by following @ELLE_Deco right away.



@ELLE_Deco: What current kitchen trends are you loving?
@cordevKDA: I’m loving the movement towards using more textured and tactile materials – natural wooden finishes and matt colours are a great combination.

@cordevsa kitchen - natural wood



@hojokukitu: How can I deal with that awkward space between the top of my cabinets and the ceiling?
@cordevKDA: The simple solution is to go with cupboards from floor to ceiling, however making use of wall cladding is also an option; this creates dimension and adds colour to the room.



@ELLE_Deco: How could we maximize space in a tiny urban apartment kitchen?
@cordevKDA: By using well-designed and well-manufactured cabinetry. A cupboard does not need to be just a door with shelves, taking up your entire wall space. One of our special features is adding drawers within drawers… maximizing your space is also made easy with specialized corner units.

@cordevsa drawers within drawers save valuable kitchen space



@schumegz: We spend so much time in my kitchen but it is FREEZING in winter, how can I warm it up?
Win our HOT Kitchen in the current issue of Elle Decoration, that should heat things up…! Seriously, underfloor heating, double glazing your windows or a gas heater is always a nice option.



@ELLE_Deco: Exposed shelves with everything at hand, or tucked away and clutter-free?
@cordevKDA: Depends on the space of the room and the feel you are trying to achieve with your kitchen… it’s a living space and needs to reflect your personality. I like items to be organized, and in their place. So unless you keep your shelves tidy, rather hide the mess in a cupboard.

@cordevsa clutter-free kitchen design keeps things tidy



@bielleross: I’d like to know what percentage of my home value I should spend on my kitchen revamp?
@cordevKDA: The first thing to sell a home is its kitchen and bathrooms. I always recommend at least 10%.



@ELLE_Deco: How could we refresh our kitchen look & feel without a total re-think?
@cordevKDA: A change is as good as a holiday. A coat of paint can do wonders to your kitchen. Even changing your door handles can makes a big difference.

@cordevsa Kitchens - small changes like a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference to refresh your kitchen



@nicolaLmeyer: Which is the best gas stove?
@cordevKDA: If you want a gas stove, I would stick to the German brands such as Siemens & Gaggenau.



@ELLE_Deco: In our #Ideas101 issue, we LOVE the new ‘it’ colour onyx black. How would you introduce this in your kitchen?
@cordevKDA: I would consider using it as a countertop. It would look great paired with a white or earthy toned kitchen bringing out the contrasting colours. It could also be used as wall cladding to create an accent wall to add a something different to your space.



@ItsJessiB: Granite or marble?
@cordevKDA: Neither, go with an engineered stone, like Caesarstone or Neolith, both are scratch and heat resistant.

@cordevsa Kitchen Design recommends engineered stone, like Caesarstone

All images courtesy of Cordev Kitchens.