Cordev Kitchens with askDECO

After last week’s successful #askDECO launch, our live Twitter interview is back this week with a new special guest. As we’ve gone kitchen crazy with our new #Ideas101 issue, this Thursday’s lunch & learn session will teach you how to perfect your cooking space.

Luckily for us, we have a kitchen pro on-hand to help answer all your questions!

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Cordev Kitchens Marketing & Creative Director, Donovan Barnard.

With a passion for architecture (and kitchens of course), Donovan has more than 8 years of experience in designing some of the world’s best kitchens, so he’s perfectly placed to answer all of your #askDECO questions.

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3. Follow our LIVE Q&A with @cordevKDA and get ready to pitch us your questions!

Want to send us your questions in advance? Tweet your questions to @ELLE_Deco with the #askDECO hashtag and tune in on Thursday to hear Donovan’s answers.

Cordev Kitchens with askDECO

You’ll see lots of Cordev kitchen tips in our current issue because we love their approach to kitchen design. Born out of a need to provide innovative and stylish lifestyle products to the South African market, Cordev kitchens are characterised by innovative planning opportunities, astounding functionality and longevity.

With over 85 years of experience in producing kitchen furniture, they use high-quality materials and harmonious surface design: just some of the foundations necessary for a top quality kitchen. In South Africa, Cordev is the place to go to for leading German kitchen brands like Bauformat, Burger and Badea.

Cordev Kitchens with askDECO

Donovan brings a new and fresh outlook to how today’s kitchens need to fit, look and function in your home, combining both class and technology with sophistication – so get ready to pitch @ELLE_Deco all of your burning questions for Donovan this Thursday!

Compiled by Lucie Bartlett