Justin Vickers from JVB Furniture on #askDECO

If you follow our social channels, you’ll know that this week saw the launch of our brand new #askDECO ‘lunch & learn’ Twitter interviews. Our first special guest was DECO friend, Justin Vickers from JVB Furniture.

If you missed our inspiring live tweet-off with the talented Jo’burg-based furniture curator, pop on over to @ELLE_Deco on Twitter or simply search for #askDECO to follow the interview. Not only did DECO give Justin a good grilling, some of you even got involved pitching your own questions too!

Just for our readers, we’ve posted 10 of Justin’s top tips from the interview right here – including a few bonus questions not seen before that we asked him afterwards.

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Justin Vickers #askDECO

@ELLE_DecoArt: What are your top tips for styling a loft apartment?
@JVBfurniture: Find one bigger piece that you can’t live without and add smaller pieces, such as mirrors (they help to create an illusion of space.) Add scatters, vases, plants; smaller decor pieces

@lynnNagel1: What is the best idea & way to lighten a dark room,with not much natural light?
@JVBfurniture: Choose a strong, luxurious light wallpaper to lift the room, also use lighter wood furniture. Don’t use leather or dark fabrics.

@ELLE_Deco: If I’m furnishing my new home on a budget, how can I balance the pieces I need with top quality?
@JVBfurniture: Focus on key elements like a dining table, some good sofas and making your bedroom resonate with you. Spend money where you spend your time.

@hojokukitu: How do I make white furniture seem more interesting?
@JVBfurniture: You should add texture, colour, patterns and smalls (vases, scatters, ornaments etc.)

@ELLE_Deco: What’s the style of furniture like in your own home?
@JVBfurniture: I adore clean lines & have a soft spot for our Town Collection & its luxurious fabrics. I’m about sophistication & buying timeless pieces.

JVB furniture Cawe room setting from the Town collection
Cawe room setting from JVB Furniture’s Town Collection

…and a few bonus questions you didn’t read on Twitter:

@ELLE_Deco: I’m not confident with bright colour but I love it! How can I best work it into my living room?
@JVBfurniture: Bring in bright pops of colour with scatters, ottomans, chairs and accessories. Choose colours YOU love. Come to JVB’s showroom & be inspired!

@ELLE_Deco: What should I consider when selecting a dark or light wood finish?
@JVBfurniture: It’s a personal choice. I prefer dark wood for more formal areas and then lighter wood for entertainment & family areas.

@ELLE_Deco: Where do you get inspiration from for new collections?
@JVBfurniture: I’m not a designer per say. I just have great taste *wink*. I’m always on the lookout for beautiful pieces that can be tweaked.

@ELLE_Deco: What furniture trends are you loving at the moment?
@JVBfurniture: I’m not a massive trend follower but I love colour, bright electric colours in particular. JVB is defined by timeless pieces.

Compiled by Lucie Bartlett