A conservatory roof lets light into the sunroom. Photograph: Elsa Young/Frank Features

DECO’s had its eye on the work of Mia Widlake for years, so it was a real treat to see inside the home of Studio 19’s founder and owner – an eclectic space filled with cherished possessions, a testament to a career of collecting.

Mia Widlake’s home as seen in Elle Decoration Ideas issue on shelf now. Photographs Elsa Young/Frank Features

Step inside the home of Mia Widlake, founder of Studio 19 – a Johannesburg-based multidisciplinary design studio – in the latest issue of Elle Decoration on shelf now. This ’70s Hacienda-style abode comes complete with red roof tiles, large, arched windows bringing in streams of natural light and a courtyard filled with bougainvillea.

 My style has evolved over time, with what I have been able to afford or inherited and what has suited a particular stage of my life, she says. I hold onto them because they’re sentimental.

Mia and her husband started by painting the house all white, and replaced the red stoep floors in every room with oak laminated flooring. Discovering the space had very little storage for a family home, they designed a built-in storage bench that runs the length of the living room – holding everything from kitchen appliances to Mia’s sewing machine. Be inspired by the distinctive style of Mia in both her work at Studio 19 and how it translates over into her own personal living space.

Studio 19 is a Johannesburg-based multidisciplinary design studio, covering product design to interior design and everything in between. Designing spaces and commissioning bespoke furniture, lighting and accessories specific to each project.

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