The Senegalese home of Pols Potten founder Erik Pol, features in DECO’s Summer issue, as well as in AT THE OCEAN – a book of exquisite visual escapism by photographer Mirjam Bleeker and Frank Visser.

Photography Mirjam Bleeker Production Frank VisserPhotographer Mirjam Bleeker and stylist and designer Frank Visser have collaborated together for over 18 years, traveling the world in search of adventure and beautiful homes. At the Ocean encapsulates this perfectly as homes and holiday retreats in far-flung seaside places come to life through their combined skills.

A book for lovers of interior design, but also for travellers and for everyone who likes to dream of a life elsewhere.

At the Ocean
Home Senegal features in At The Ocean and DECO’s latest issue

This book brings these far-flung places to life, with images of white-washed walls, rusted corrugated iron roofs, strings of faded flags fluttering in the breeze, lazy hammocks, footprints in the sand from Bali to Senegal, Costa Rica, Chile, India and Italy; pure escapism.

One such home that features in the book, we are proud to say also features in DECO’s latest issue – the wood and stone artistic villa of Erik Pol. Architect Wim de Vos designed a minimalistic, no frills home  with a big roofed terrace on the upper level – facing the sea which brings in a constant cool breeze. Local materials were used such as hand-cut red-brown stones and wooden shutters which keep the heat out and maintain a cool temperature in the African heat. Both home and garden are filled with local and Dutch artworks, and surrounded by plants where the outdoors play a very important part in day-to-day living.

Erik Pol's home as seen in our Summer issue now on shelf
Erik Pol’s home as seen in our Summer issue now on shelf

At the Ocean has been described as ‘honest, sensitive photo reports of the houses or cabanas, and still lifes of details of the interiors, as well as wonderful images of the people and the surroundings’. DECO’s feature of Home Senegal is undoubtedly one of the teams all time favorites for these very reasons – Mirjam Bleeker’s images seem to so perfectly capture the atmosphere and spirit of both Erik Pol’s home as well as the feel of a hot, African summer…as viewed from a breezy verandah with a cool drink in hand. (Also not too bad an idea as how to leisurely go through our Summer issue and your new copy of At The Ocean)

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