Yay. A birthday present! We asked blogger Kimberly Omodei of These Things Are Fun to be part of our International 25th Birthday celebration at ELLE DECORATION this month – and look what a wonderful gift we got to open in Outlook. It’s is the story of an Australian wedding party with an earthiness and a happy-to-the-core feeling in which everything was kept as easy as – well, as easy as falling off one of those log seats in the forest.

Scroll down for Tim Coulson’s pictures which tell the beautiful story, and read Kimberly’s words that sum up the emotion of the event. We love this kind of simplicity. Speaking of which, we’re big fans of Kimberly’s blog, especially the way she captures the essence of things so succinctly. You’ll find more on These Things Are Fun. Have a look.

“I’ve danced on my fair share of tables (and fallen off a few too), but the older I get, the more my definition of a rollicking good time changes. My dream is no longer to lead the troops in a rousing rendition of ‘Wonderwall’, but rather to be buried deep in conversation and laughter with the people I love most in the world. Far more intoxicating than any case of champagne. Well, not literally, but you get the idea…

It’s so exciting to be asked by the Elle Deco team to help celebrate their 25th birthday and be a part of the International Issue. The present I hold forth – one of the most gorgeous parties I’ve seen, and one which instills in me more than just a little Aussie pride. This particular event was a wedding, but that’s neither here nor there. The ideas, decoration and warmth of spirit are completely transferable to any occasion. The charm is in the lack of fussiness and pretension. Heaven is in the detail, but not to a retentive fever pitch. Seriously, does anyone care if the napkins are the wrong shade of apricot? Or the pepper shakers aren’t remembered until the next day? Isn’t it more important the get together is full of anticipation, love, joy and excitement?

This wedding took place on an Australian property – the bride, Harriet, a woven lighting installation artist, and the groom, Mat, an organic garlic farmer. The property, in fact, belongs to Harriet’s parents. All flowers were handpicked. Harriet’s dress home-made. The food an ‘it takes a village’ affair. This is the part I think I love most – the pitching in spirit and the lack of materialism. It’s less about scanning through a gift registry and more about donating a bag of freshly dug up spuds for the feast.

The beautiful photos by Tim Coulson are perfect, right down to capturing the gorgeous inquisitive little red faced visitor and the rough beauty of the Australian forest. How much do you wish you were there? Me too.

As life gets more chaotic and friendships are maintained via a Facebook log-in, the real treat is in being together. Putting cares and worries on hold for a few precious hours to be surrounded by dear faces and losing your voice laughing, not sitting self-consciously upright at a too-perfectly manicured table.  And if, at the end of it, you end up punching the air to ‘Wonderwall’, who am I to judge?”

All photos: Tim Coulson Via: Green Wedding Shoes

To see the beautiful rustic woven lights made by the bride, Harriet Goodall, click here.
Posted by Kimberly Omodei. These Things Are Fun