A unique design collaboration, featuring a series of vessels in a limited edition.

We keep on commenting on the potential and power of collaborations, and here, yet again, our point is proven. Nir Meiri, in collaboration with REDESIGNDcreated a series of vessels that walk the thin line between art and functional design, continuing their line of work with matter and form.

Babel is inspired by the architecture of ancient cities, temples and altars, resonating human kind’s aspiration to touch the sky. As a series, the vessels illustrate an ancient city’s skyline, while each one stands alone as a functional product with a powerful presence that strikes the imagination.


The series includes two vases for a single flower; three lidded boxes; two candlesticks; and three trays – all combining natural materials such as bamboo and chipboard with korean, which was manipulated by the designer to resemble stone. Each object was built layer by layer to create a singular rich and vivid texture.


When viewed together, the pieces illustrate the skyline of an ancient city, further cementing the metaphor. However, when standing alone, each piece is not only functional, but also has a powerful charisma that provokes imagination –design-milk

Each object is hand-made by the designer, and is part of a limited edition, consisting of nine items of each product.