Le Creuset’s Toughened Non-Stick Bakeware range is pretty sweet. Developed for both experienced and novice bakers, this range will help you to enjoy the delights of baking at home. Each tin is made from heavy-gauge carbon steel that spreads heat gently and evenly – exactly what you need when baking. The inside and outside of each tin is coated with Le Creuset’s special durable, ultrasmooth non-stick coating. (Health nuts will love the fact that this coating is produced without the use of potentially toxic PFOA.)

Le Creuset has introduced three new versatile and practical sizes and shapes – the 20cm Sponge Cake Tin, the 20cm Springform Tin and the 12 Cup Mini Muffin Tin.

Two Tier Vanilla Cake with Berries – click here for recipe

Springform Cake Tin

This clever clip-sided Springform Cake Tin with removable base makes removing and serving cakes and desserts so easy. Simply release the clip to allow the sides to expand, freeing the base so the tin can be easily lifted away for a perfect finish. Ideal for making delicate layered sponge cakes, rich tortes, soft cheesecake and traditional fruit cakes. The metal clip is finished with a heat-resistant silicone cover for easy opening and fastening.
20cm Springform Tin – R290
24cm Springform Tin – R336
26cm Springform Tin – R426


Red Velvet Cake – click here for recipe

Sponge Cake Tin
The Sponge Cake Tin is a ‘sandwich tin’ and an essential piece for creating classic Victoria sponges, layered chocolate cakes, and a whole host of other baking favourites. The wide rim on the outside of our tin, featuring heat-resistant silicone inserts for added grip, makes lifting a full tin easier and safer, especially when taking to and from a hot oven and the loose base ensures delicate cakes can be removed with ease.
20cm Sponge Cake Tin – R300


Bacon, Cheese and Chive Mini Muffins – click here for recipe

Mini Muffin Tin
The deep cups of the 12 Cup Mini Muffin Tin are perfect for making delicious mini muffins, bite-sized cupcakes, canapés, and a whole host of miniature sweet and savoury starters and desserts. The wide rim on the outside of the tin, featuring heat-resistant silicone inserts for added grip, makes lifting a full tin easier and safer, especially when taking to and from a hot oven.
12 Cup Mini Muffin Pan – R320 

Le Creuset Bakeware is:

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Developed specifically to withstand higher temperature and high sugar content cooking
  • Oven safe to 240C
  • Made of heavy gauge carbon steel, the range is warp resistant, with an even heat spread and good heat retention
  • Finished with the Le Creuset ultimate non-stick coating for unrivalled release
  • Metal utensil safe and PFOA-free

If you can’t wait to get your oven mitts on these versatile and practical new shapes and sizes,order online here and get (almost) instant satisfaction.

Content sourced from Le Creuset blog