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Need-to-know tips for designing the ultimate guest bathroom, with a little help from Bathroom Butler

Does your guest bathroom create a space that’s not only practical and comfortable for visitors, but also really has the wow factor? Bathroom Butler gives DECO intern Candice Lawrence the lowdown on how to create the ultimate guest bathroom.

As our homes are getting smaller so our bathrooms continue to shrink, making it challenging at times to spark some creative flair, but Bathroom Butler’s Craig Taylor believes that small can also be big on style.

With a practical and creative approach that really encompasses your own sense of style, you can work with a bathroom design team to find a unique solution for your guest bathroom that packs a lot of function into a stylish little space.

Bathroom Butler basins


In small washrooms, it’s a good idea to include space-saving sanitary-ware, such as wall-hung toilets with built-in cisterns. If you have to compromise on insufficient space for a tub, consider a luxurious shower with a low-flow head to save as much water as possible, but with plenty of space – potentially with an open front, creating a wet room.

As Craig outlines, ‘Showers don’t require a lot of space, yet even a small shower can offer the ultimate in luxury – so they are a must-have for any compact bathroom. The best types of showers are those that ‘blur’ the lines between where the bathroom ends and the shower starts, as this can go a long way to creating the visual illusion of added space.’

As a result, showers with full glass enclosures, combined with shower floors that are flush with the bathroom floors create a seamless and chic end result. 

Bathroom Butler guest bathroom design

A flush-to-floor enamelled titanium steel shower offers a superlative solution. Complementing this is an enamelled titanium steel basin, a simple and elegant solution for small bathrooms and the must-have heated towel rail to truly achieve boutique hotel style ambiance.

Craig stands by the idea that it’s the little details that make the biggest impression:

Glass is a great way to make small spaces appear larger because it reflects light. It also provides added space where accessories can be installed.

Bathroom butler glass walls

Installing any bathroom accessories on glass can convert any glass divider or glass enclosure into a practical addition, don’t leave this for an after-thought as your accessories can make all the difference. Incorporating quality soap racks, glass shelves and artisanal towel rings can enhance your guests experience.


Just like shoes can make or break an outfit, so can bathroom accessories turn an ordinary space into one with a ‘wow’ factor! 


With cutting edge technology and exclusive design, Bathroom Butler is a family-owned business producing a wide range of designer bathroom accessories, from heated towel rails to being our local distributor of the premium BETTE range of baths and basins.

With their business ethos pivoting on traditional values and perpetual innovation, Bathroom Butler sets the benchmark in bringing supreme functionality, high-end quality and stylish design.

Visit Bathroom Butler on their website or drop them an email.

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