The most private room in your home is no longer just a place to freshen up – bathrooms have become havens for luxury and relaxation. Give your bathroom the perfect foundation with Belgotex.

A luxurious, peaceful bathroom is the best space to relax your body and ease your mind after a long day, whether you unwind by indulging in a bubble bath and a good book, singing in the shower or simply taking a break from everything.

Your bathroom floors should be the first to inspire your mood. Belgotex makes selecting the perfect flooring for your bathroom much simpler and more fun. With the Lifestyle Collection you can discover your element and get the best flooring for your bathroom, regardless of how you choose to spend your time there.

Find out which element suits you best by taking the quiz at and discover the perfect floor for you!

In your element

Inspired by the tones and textures of the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit – you’ll find the perfect foundation for your bathroom with the Lifestyle Collection, conveniently organised into colours and textures that will make you feel right at home.

From cushion vinyl to luxury vinyl tiles, the Lifestyle Collection has a variety of options for you to choose in order to complete your bathroom. The wood-look flooring trend has taken the design and decor world by storm, making vinyl flooring perfect for bathrooms because it’s warm and comfortable underfoot, water resistant and slip-proof.


Water is ever-flowing. It is dreamy and inconsistent, like the tides. It is nautical themes and beach decor, always cool like a driftwood sculpture, a flowing water feature or picture of wild waves crashing on a wall or seashells draped over a kitchen chandelier. Water is where you go to relax and recharge.

The sleek and fashionable real-wood look of Toledo’s oak-inspired Barn Pine 694M, Chalet Oak 000S and Chalet Oak 939M will give your bathroom the ultimate sophistication.

Barn Pine 694M
Chalet Oak 000S


Chalet Oak 939M

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