Swedish design studio Muungano has been doing some mad Design science, fusing German functionalism from the 1920s with funk from West Africa, in their Baufrica furniture collection, launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.

After working on projects in and related to parts of Africa, the studio has brought together African colour and pattern traditions with the forms and functionalism of the Bauhaus school. The  modular furniture is made of waxed ash and multi-coloured lacquered tubar steel, upholstered with grey felt, and can be reconfigured into an easy-chair, sofa, table or a lamp.


The patterned lampshades are based on the Sierpinski triangle,  inspired by mathematician Ron Eglash’s  investigations into how African villages are structured according to fractal number series. The ash veneer shade filters the white light of a low-energy bulb, casting a soft, cosy light.
Via Coolhunting