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Berlin Axis Front image: Frank Böhm

If there is one thing DECO recommends doing this month it’s going to the Bauhaus Revisited exhibition at ECLECTICA Design and Art Gallery. The exhibition, like the famous German Bauhaus School, offers a space for prominent artists to collaborate and experiment and is open until 18 October 2015. So clear your schedules and get ready to be inspired! 

Haldane Martin
Haldane Martin and Sarah Danes Jarrett’s collaboration.

As the official launch exhibition of ECLECTICA, Bauhaus Revisited celebrates art and design.

 The exhibition takes you to the times of the Bauhaus School and De Stijl Movement of the 1920s, when new possibilities of art, design and architecture where explored. With the collaborating artists revisiting this time and the methods of the Bauhaus School, artistic practices like collaboration, functional aesthetics and an invitation to play are revived.

‘Bauhaus Revisited’ is an exciting collection of collaborations.

The notion of the art object and the reconsidering of art practice, are represented as physical manifestations in the curation of furniture within the gallery space for each creator-curator.

The distinct methods of teaching within the Bauhaus school lead to a creation of a specific and eternal style within the history of Art. By ‘revisiting’ Bauhaus, the methods and means of creation by the school will lead to exciting future innovations within the gallery collection.

Natasha Barnes after
Work by local artist Natasha Barnes.

From local artists, Albert Coertse, Richard Scott and Natasha Barnes, to interior decorators, architect and designers Shelley Street, Frank Böhm and Haldane Martin, creative collaborations showcase the vision of the gallery, forming a platform for new possibilities. This is not one to be missed so pencil it in before 18 October 2015.



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