The neutral and natural colour palette is a major trend for 2013. In no way dull, neutrals are evocative and reminiscent of nature. It is about going back to basics, removing unnecessary elements to get to the raw essentials. As described by trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, ‘Nature will have a major influence on design. The blue of the sea, the shape of the pebble, the curve of a wave will be inspirations. Rooftop gardens will be a big trend and Nature will walk into your house.’ By looking at her Parisian house the varying shades of earthy colours illustrate how simplicity is key.

All Li Edelkoort images courtesy of Marie Claire Italy

When ELLE Decoration asked a few local creatives to share their most beautiful object, the collective conscious prevailed and a collection of neutral objects reigned. From Pierre Cronje’s pick of a wooden Cape Cross table to Jenny Mason’s choice of wool – natural colours and elements are on everyone’s wish list.

Objects from left to right, chosen by: Pierre Cronje, Jenny Mason, Lene Botha, Katherine-Mary Pichulik

Pierre Cronje – Furniture Designer

Object: Cape Cross stretcher table

‘I find this 18th century table epitomises the best of Cape Dutch furniture design. It has superb proportions, is often made from Stinkwood and the remainder, namely the drawer front and top, is from Yellowwood.”

Jenny Mason – Brand consultant/ Friend of DECO

Object: Ball of Wool

‘I often look at super-simple things like balls of wool, plain wooden pencils, baskets of kindling for the fire – that sort of thing. I think these simple things have a certain kind of beauty that is appealing, being so unspectacular and un-designed.”

Lene Botha – Woltemade Lights

 Object: The T Table

“The T Table is a portable wine table with a subtle architectural aesthetic intended to enhance, but not dominate, interiors. Pretty, delicate yet sturdy, the top is manufactured from white oak and the brass legs are solid hex bar. The table is intended for intimate use between two or three people with a flat back to be grouped back-to-back or aligned against a wall or couch.’

Katherine-Mary Pichulik – Jewellery Artist

Object: Woltemade Volk Light.

‘The light has an incredible luxe quality to it that skirts 1970s interiors and classical Scandinavian design. Plus the colour lends to great atmospheric lighting.’

In her forecast for trends of 2013 Li Edelkoort states that ‘people are looking for more authenticity and honesty, for truth and direct communications.’ The reverting back-to-natural elements and colours is an example of this. We further explore how to get this look within your home.

Images: Bart Van Leuven

– Posted by Zarah Cassim & Kat Scriven