Beautiful wine labels

The local wine scene has never been more exciting – or delicious. With an industry that seems to be bursting with young, experimental winemakers, South Africans are drinking more refreshed, interesting and tastier wines than ever before. This fun outlook also seems to be spreading to the bottles themselves, and producers are using their labels to express the personalities of their wines. Here are some of the most beautiful South African wine bottle design.

Alphabetical White

We thought we’d seen the peak of beautiful bottle design when Alphabetical red burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, but that all changed when the white varietal came out. Alphabetical, brought to us by David Cope and Simon Wibberley, has been a game changer in the wine world with it’s laissez-faire approach to do away with the stuffiness and simply enjoy the wine. Alphabetical White with an easy drinking blend of roussane and chardonnay and tropical-inspired label, will have you feeling all holidayed-up, even if you’re not.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design

Cape Rock Carignan

It makes sense that the humble kreef is the mascot for Cape Rock wines considering their West Coast terroir in Vredendal, and frankly, we love it. Winemaker Gavin Brand has always stuck with the rock lobster theme, and rumour has it his mom drew the original logo. The wine itself, a delicious light red with substantial texture is equally as loveable and iconic as the label.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design

Liefling Syrah

A delectable cool climate wine from Darling, the Liefling Syrah has one of the best labels we’ve ever seen. Designed by the creative Fanakalo team, the label is a whimsical mix of blue and red with sweet detailing. The wine is pretty darling too, the blend of whole and de-stemmed grapes results in dark cherry and raspberry flavours, finished off with smooth tannins.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design

Fable Mountain Vineyards Belle Flower Rosé

We’re suckers for soft pink, be it on our wine bottles or in our glasses. The Fable Mountain Belle Flower Rosé is delicately fruity with hints of refreshing acidity and dryness. A sip on this will transport you to the South of France, and the label is just as captivating.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design

Blacksmith Barebones Cinsault

We’re not sure what we like more, the Barebones’ label or the wine itself. Even if you know nothing about this ridiculously refreshing and irresistible cinsault, you’ll be inclined to grab a bottle based on the label alone and with branding like that, you know the wine is going to be good.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design

Suikerbossie Ek Wil Jou Hê Brut

We’re blessed with some outstanding MCCs, with a lot of them being made by young winemakers who are not only having fun with the wines but with the labels, too. The Suikerbossie brut, a chardonnay with a touch of pinotage, which gives it a full, rich and fruity flavour,  but with neat acidity that cleans it right up. The delicate label paired with the sweet gingham ribbon means that this bottle is begging to be added to your picnic basket.
Beautiful South African Wine Bottle Design