Combining colourful, bold prints using wallpaper and decor items, we asked Chu Suwannapha, YOU and Huisgenoot‘s fashion director, to act as muse and model in a tribute to his flamboyant use of print.

Images: Vlisco, Floral and Pink Toile |  Characteristic mischievous grin from DECO Stylist Hendrik Coetzee  after a long day.

Chu was born and brought up in Bangkok, Thailand.

He was a fashion designer and owned a boutique/label called CHULARP in Bangkok.

He then lived in Paris for just over 10 years.

He has been living in Cape Town for over 12 years.

He is now the fashion director of YOU, Huisgenoot & DRUM.

He is obsessed with prints, colour and textures.

He still wants to have his own fashion range one day.


Images: Selection of Chu’s fabulous shoes | DECO Intern Rebecca Houston holding Sarah Ord’s Chevron fabric for Hertex | Laureen getting friendly with a Monkey from HeartWorks

Images: Rebecca hard at work again | Laureen finds a friend
Images: The Jungle Book on p36 | DECO Designer Kirsten Townsend’s puppy dog eyes

The Prints Charming inspiration story includes The Jungle Book | Vlisco, Floral and Pink Toile | Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | IKAT & Hound’s-Tooth Unplugged | Prince of Prints

For all the stockists of the wallpapers and products featured, see pg.36-41 of our latest Fashion Issue91.

Production: Laureen Rossouw

Photographer: Johan Wilke | |

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