If you go into town today, you’re sure for a great surprise. You may have visited some of the hugely popular Beijing Opera dim-sum pop-up restaurants? The brilliant news is that you can now get your pot sticker fix on a regular basis.


We chatted to the owner Yang Zhao to find a little more about the new venture. 

The name, let’s begin with the name. Tell us about it
Designer Daniel Ting Chong (@danieltingchong) and I got together and had a serious brainstorm session. A bunch of images from the art form Beijing Opera came up; I love the flamboyant colours of this tradition. He suggested that we call it Beijing Opera. Voila.


How many people are involved with Beijing Opera?
Me, myself and I. And a secret friend who I whisper to, and helps me with the business aspect of things.

Your background: How did you get into this?
I was a student of the Social Sciences: dabbled in philosophy, politics, languages and photography. I worked full time at a various places, freelanced, and eventually found my true passions- travel and food.

Now let’s talk décor.
I worked with Marco Simal. We wanted to synthesise modernity with traditional cuisine, and referenced old Hong Kong and new Cape Town. The colour palette of the Beijing Opera was our template, adding the original three colours of our CI branding- white, red and gold.

Tell us about your menu
We have a few recipes on rotation that are included on the Specials Menu, which is very special and subject to seasonal change. We do however have some fixed items like our pot stickers with various fillings.


What can people expect when visiting Beijing Opera?
A lovely, warm atmosphere where our guests sit comfortably together, sharing space and food.

What is the best thing about owning a restaurant?
The people I get to meet and feed everyday, the happiness on someone’s face when they love it.

My friend Jade calls it ‘a party in your mouth’



Opening & closing times: Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm

Address: The State House Building, 3-9 Rose Street, De Waterkant, 8001, Cape Town
Tel: 072 530 9654
Twitter: @thebeijingopera