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Break bread with friends across South Africa at Baked Bistro, Vovo Telo & Knead

Is there anything more homely than the glorious scent of freshly-baked bread? Sampling some of DECO’s favourite eateries to break bread with friends – from Umhlanga to Stellenbosch – guest writer Dominique Vieira takes you on a journey through SA’s breads of heaven.

Inside the glossy pages of our Winter issue, our DECO Eat feature is all about bread. Not just any bread mind: mouth-watering bread & butter recipes by Karen Pretorius with Adel Ferreira’s stunning photography that simply drizzles off the page. So while we teach you how to bake the best bread and most unusual butter in print, here online we’ve toured five of our favourite local eateries specialising in that most staple of foodstuffs: the modest loaf.


1) Knead Bakery – Hazelwood, Pretoria

Break bread at Knead
You’ll find franchise branches of Knead all over SA | Image © Knead

Knead Bakery is the type of place that smells so good, you just have to pop in and explore. Despite being a franchise, their artisanal, freshly baked bread is amazing, every time. They also cater to the non-traditional bread lover, with banting and gluten-free options available, too. One of our favourite locations just happens to be in Hazelwood, Pretoria, bringing a little bit of the Cape Town food scene further inland.

Break bread at Knead
Baps, buns and other bready treats, all newly-baked | Image © Knead

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2) Baked Bistro – Bakoven, Camps Bay

Break bread at Baked Bistro
A rare moment of calm in the popular Bakoven haven | Image © Baked Bistro

Baked Bistro, in Bakoven, Camps Bay positively hums with activity, which is not solely due to the cyclists who stop off for a sneaky croissant and a coffee at the end of their ride. The atmosphere is as cosy as the smell of freshly baked bread and they pride themselves on the quality of their food. Baked Bistro is one of those places that is always full of locals, especially over the weekends; not even a blustery Cape Town day keeps their happy customers away.

Break bread at Baked Bistro
Delicious pastry treats await | Image © Baked Bistro

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3) Jason Bakery – Bree Street, Cape Town

Break bread at Jason Bakery
The mother of all pastries, the doughssant | Image © Jason Bakery

Jason Bakery can be found in Bree Street, Cape Town. Every Saturday they produce a uniquely flavoured doughssant (which is the love child of a croissant and a doughnut) and every Saturday, they produce a queue to match. Genius pastry magic aside, their freshly baked bread adds that special something to their breakfast menu, and as every bread lover knows, the perfect base to some glorious sandwiches.

The vibe is always great at Jason, whether you are rugby-tackling people for a seat outside or inside; the constant sound of the coffee machine going in the background adds to the comfortable cafe hum. For the winter warriors, they have gas heaters and awnings to keep the outside section extra cosy.

Jason_Bakery_ (1)
Queues out of the door for snacks like this | Image © Jason Bakery

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4) Schoon De Companje – Stellenbosch

Break bread at Schoon De Companje
De Companje’s freshly-baked goodies | Image © Schoon De Companje

De Companje is a picturesque fit for its home in the heart of Stellenbosch. Delicious bread is par for the course, as are their selection of delicate sweet treats. The menu never disappoints and it allows you to make a selection of their freshly-baked bread and farm-style cheese, jams and other delights. The old Cape Dutch style and ambience make De Companje an absolute must-visit on any day out to Stellenbosch, if not the whole reason for the visit.

Break bread at Schoon De Companje
Doorstep sandwiches drizzled in delights | Image © Schoon De Companje

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5) Vovo Telo – Umhlanga, KZN

Break bread at Vovo Telo
One slice or two? | Image © Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo in The Village in Umhlanga is usually, if not always, full of happy people enjoying their breakfasts. Croissants, pastries and a variety of freshly baked bread ensure that there is something for everyone and their breakfast is just as popular as their lunch. Top all of this off with great coffee and that bustling, café atmosphere; it’s not hard to see why people keep going back. Even if the beach weather isn’t doing what it’s supposed to this winter, Vovo Telo is sure to.

Break bread at Vovo Telo
Delicious fillings at Vovo Telo | Image © Vovo Telo

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Break bread - Dominique Vieira
Image © @domandrea
Break bread - Dominique Vieira
Image © @domandrea

Dominique VieiraDominique Vieira is a self-proclaimed health-food nut, bookworm and ‘words girl’. She is a lover of beautiful things, real human connections, and of course, delicious food. When she isn’t living the café life, working on her healthy-food and lifestyle blog or doing yoga, you’ll probably catch her trying to figure out a way to text her dogs back home in Joburg. Follow Dom’s adventures on Instagram at @domandrea.