Our Urban issue has a feature on some of the coolest bikes around. They’re not just a fun way to get about, they’re hot design news right now, as evidenced by this Brompton Cyles / Tom Dixon collaboration for London Design Week, and this crazy cool Puma Mobion cargo bike too.

puma_multi To celebrate the rise of the bike, in both urban and rural contexts, here’s a selection of pics from the wonderful Bicycle Portraits project, where photographers Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler are travelling the length and breadth of South Africa, photographing people and their bikes.


“Two other girls in my class started cycling, it is kind of infectious. I think it brings a certain kind of lifestyle with it, you don’t lock anyone out – it is not like a car where you are separating yourself from the world – you are opening yourself up, people smile when you pass them and it is a more friendly approach towards everything. It is more convenient, much faster and lazier.” – Katharien de Villiers, Stellenbosch


“I would say the bicycle is really my whole life, because wherever I go, I go on the bicycle. If I go shopping I hang it onto my handle bars. I even have a small trailer which I hook onto the bike if I want to borrow like a bag of cement or whatever.” – Vernon Versveld, Paarden Eiland


“I’ve got a car, but with this I save and the more I use it the more I exercise my body.” – Lifa Mabena, Pretoria

Visit the Bicycle Portraits website and enjoy meeting each of the subjects photographed. Maybe it’ll inspire you to get on your bike too! I’m on mine today.