It’s a little niece Anna’s third birthday party this weekend, and so I’m racking my brain for a top-notch auntie gift. Of course it’s too late to order any of these online, but I certainly am inspired (although I may have set the bar a bit high…).

It’s probably too young for Anna, but I fell in love with this adorable vintage wooden roller toy from ThreePotatoFour.
Also from ThreePotatoFour, I reckon this Animals in the Zoo poster by Shinzi Katoh might not make it into the birthday package, and could end up on my own wall instead!

What the…? It’s a Critter d’Ignatius, don’t you know, and it’s available from French online shop, Pop-Line.

Love this Mandy Dress from Kit + Lili at Nonchalant Mom too. But perhaps I’m not quite hitting the right note for the three year old market yet…

Dollies should do it, and maybe these Evi Dolls, made by a Brazilian women’s co-op and available at The Wooden Wagon will do the trick.

But if it were me and I was turning three, it would be the adorable sock monkey all the way!