Today’s post is by our deputy editor, Lauren Shantall.

Bleu Nature is a craft-based business from the north of France, with its tree-hugging credentials firmly in place. The company produces a stylish eco-friendly furniture range made from repurposed wood, and designed by Frank Lefebvre, Bastien Taillard and Laurence Glorieux.

For the past 15 years, Bleu Nature has specialized in using materials like driftwood, flotsam and jetsam, and petrified wood. They’ve chosen these materials as they are not only sustainable, but won’t deplete any existing resources.

The Bleu Nature team combs the beaches for debris which is then fashioned into a variety of outdoor seating, interior pieces, lighting and dйcor accessories. Take a look at the way they manage to evoke an emotional response by making the most of the imperfect yet beautiful shapes that they find.

Photos : Didier Knoff, Gilles Piat

PS: In South Africa, Bleu Nature’s distributor is Dominico. Get in touch with Dominico here.