Image: BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé

Some works of art can really move you. Like a dramatic sculpture of metal and leather, alloy and glass that makes your heart beat faster. BMW’s uniquely dynamic shape drives your emotions, even before the wheel is turned.  The open road its gallery, where you can experience the beauty and feel the power.

Image: BMW M5 Sedan

We see design as more than just curves and lines. At the heart of BMW’s design philosophy is the notion that form should always follow function. We see it as a means to create emotion. The tell-tale curve of the Hofmeister kink, subtly highlighting a BWM trademark – rear-wheel drive. The classic kidney grille, symbolising the timelessness of BMW Design and engineering. The sleek aerodynamic design. BMW Design shows at first sight what you can experience with a BMW: dynamics, joy and passion.

Images: Sketch phase, Character begins with a line | Tape drawing. Engineering meets design | Clay modelling, Each BMW is a product of craftsmanship | 3D Modelling, The right tool at the right time

When beauty of form is matched by the thrill of performance, one look is all it takes to entice you. One drive will convince you.

Image: BMW Z4 Roadster

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