Michael Owen and Bielle Ross | Jacelize du Preez.

As we start the new year, we reflect on the year that was. It was a particularly crazy one for the DECO team, with two office relocations, moving to a new publisher, losing and gaining team members… etcetera, etcetera. The year ended off with a bang at the new Bootlegger Coffee Company in Seapoint. We had a grand celebration; Pieter and his team pulled out all the stops for us. The bubbly was flowing, the food was impeccable, and the design is exciting, innovative, intriguing and commendable.

Olga Barrow | Shop facade | Custom designed tiles

Olga Barrow is the talented lady behind the restaurant’s design. It is obvious the lengths she has gone to fashion a unique space that complements the quality of the coffee and food served. The combination of vintage industrial with warm glamour, a touch of quirk and graphic simplicity creates a space that you can work in, play in, conspire in, relax and recharge.

How about the coffee?  ‘We use only 100% pure Arabica Specialty Grade beans, roasted on a competition speck Giesen W6 Roaster. At the front of house we again use a competition speck grinder and espresso machine. With all these components you can’t but end up with a fantastic cuppa. Our blend is a combination of beans from Guatemala, Burundi and Costa Rica. I intend on adding two more from Ethiopia and Brazil at some point to freshen it up but I’m very happy with the blend we have right now,’ explains Pieter Bloem, the gregarious owner.

Pieter previously owned Col Cacchio in Cavendish and also started three coffee shops called GoGo.

Jeanne Botes | Carlien de Kock |Pieter Bloem
Michael Owen | Chloe Igo | Bielle Ross

We love the fact that they open at 06h30 and close at 23h00. We’re mad for their freshly squeezed juices, the loose leave tea, homemade Ice Tea, and their granola. Not to mention the R10 coffee between  06h30 – 08h30 and half price beer and great cocktails from 16h30-18h30.

Bernice Blundell | Laureen Rossouw | Hendrik Coetzee


‘A bootlegger is a person who sells alcohol off hours. Originally a bootlegger was a person who smuggled contraband onto a ship in the long boots made of waxed leather used to keep dry when entering and exiting small boats used to get to and from a ship at anchor. Contraband was hidden inside the boots in order to sneak it onto the ship.’









We highly recommend it!


Open 6:30am – 11pm weekdays and 7:30am – 11pm on weekends.
021 434 0060
082 448 5348
39-41 Regent Road, Sea Point




Photographer: Aqeelah Hassen |