BOS went all out at this years’ 100% Design Expo, pushing the boundaries of design and offering designers and creatives a platform and challenge to showcase their potential. From their bold BOS cafe came a variety of recycled, upcycled and re-purposed items.

This was also where the finalists of the Designer Chair competition were displayed and the official winner announced. While exploring all possible routes of design, design students of the University of Johannesburg where briefed to create a chair or stool from recycled material for the BOS Cafe. After months of planning, material exploration and development, students were finally ready for the first round of judging with their prototypes and the results, needless to say, were quite unbelievable: think fresh and original.

The University of Johannesburg designers underwent an intense judging process.
The University of Johannesburg designers underwent an intense judging process.

The official winner was 21 year old Alexander Shahini, whose chair was compact, social and comfortable for a Cafe environment.

At the end of a scrapyard process, rebar (for architectural purposes), tubular steel and a multitude of car parts were at the top of the possible materials list, which also fulfilled the re-purposed requirement. I then looked at ways in which moulding this would encapsulate the brand ethos.

Winning chair
Winning chair designer Alexander Shahini (or Alessandro to some)

Throughout the process Alexander constantly adapted his design to make it as compact and suitable for the BOS Cafe. This included shortening the seat and bending the tubular steel along a jig, as opposed to the labor intensive welding process. The bending process subtly hints at the 5 point star synonymous with the BOS brand as well as give the chair an appealing aesthetic. Apart from the chairs the BOS cafe also homed an innovative chandelier design.

Bos Chandelier
The chandelier we had at 100% Design was made by third year studying industrial design student at UJ Jason van der Linde. 1 476 cans were used to make it

It was very much a pinch myself moment, many of the designers who showcase their work at 100% design I look up to. To have had the opportunity to showcase my work among their designs made me feel very privileged for the opportunity! –┬áJason van der Linde, BOS chandelier designer

Ultimately a platform was created for up and coming designers to be in the same room as South Africa’s best known designers at the 100% Design Expo. It was a privilege to partner with a brand so passionate about design.


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