Louise Bourgeois is one of the world’s best-known artists, and the first artist to show at the Tate Modern’s opening in 2000. But did you know that she has made a teatowel, and that you can buy one?

It’s rather surprising that a great artist would produce something for sale as humble as a teatowel, but making this happen in the express intention of Australian company Third Drawer Down . From their mission statement:

By placing art into the most domestic of circumstances, Third Drawer Down products promote an ongoing dialogue between art and everyday life, whilst promoting the work of International Artists and Designers.

Third Drawer Down has produced a number of limited edition products with Louise Bourgeois, including an embroidered handkerchief, pillowcase, shopping bag and tshirts (click here to see), all of which are for sale through the Tate Gallery online shop .

Visit Third Drawer Down to see what else they’ve produced in collaboration with artists.