THE BOX is a portrait series by ANDREA•GWYNN along with an interview released every fortnight over the span of 183 days. THE BOX allows us, the viewer into the lives of 12 individuals and exposes them by allowing our gaze to shift expectations and the paradigm of social status.

Over the course of the next 183 days THE BOX will host a wide range of creatives who are shifting the landscape within the realms of music, art, television, acting, performing, fashion, photography and illustration.

Who is in the box today? Chu Suwannapha

 I’ve got three black shirts that I’ve never worn.

Q: As a natural highly driven creative, do you feel restricted in the South African fashion industry?
Chu: I keep saying to everybody; Fashion has no rules, you can do whatever you want. You can believe in whatever you want. You just need to focus on what you are good at.

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