Pumpkin and spice Butter

Freshly baked bread is perhaps the most profoundly satisfying of all foods. Paired with creamy home-made butter, it is the ultimate comfort. DECO invites you to make your own – it’s the way forward. 

There is something deeply satisfying about transforming one thing into something else. It is an act of creativity – whether it’s kneading dough or churning cream – that recalls a way of life we once all had; a simpler one of self-sufficiency.

At DECO, we are deliberately slowing down the pace. We are championing the home-made. And for good reason. We’re looking to reduce our collective footprint: local, seasonal and artisanal are the catchwords of this new eco-consciousness. But we’re also welcoming ways to produce and enjoy soul food. Perhaps the best purchase you can make – the sign of true wealth – is to have time, time for leisure, time for DIY, time to nurture the soul.

What better, then, than to make a loaf of bread from a handful of basic ingredients? Or to patiently turn cream into butter, as our ancestors did some 5 000 years ago? Not only has it been regarded in  ancient times as a food fit for the gods, the world’s most popular fat has simple goodness, endless versatility and   health benefits.

And so, with the nurturing of the soul in mind, in the Winter Issue 102, we give you our collection of recipes for you to try. All of them are ‘simple’, but they are, in their way, and in the best sense of the word, sensational. In order to tantalise you, we will share one of the recipes for Sweet Shiraz butter, but be sure to get the issue for instructions on how to make butter, and further recipes for Salted Caramel and Almond butter, Passion fruit and blackened Sweetcorn butter, Bacon, honey and thyme butter and Pumpkin and spice butter.

Sweet Shiraz butter | ELLE Decoration SA
Sweet Shiraz butter

Sweet Shiraz butter
300g butter · Shiraz preserve · red wine · shallots · salt · pepper
Mix together 300g softened butter and 4 tbs Shiraz preserve. This is then ready to use for scones, toast or on venison steaks. For a salty version, reduce red wine with shallots, salt and pepper until all the alcohol is cooked off. Then add to the butter and enjoy with biltong bread or cheesy focaccia.


Enjoying our recipe inspiration? How does Sweet Potato and Leek Soup sound, or
 Pork belly with halva and apples? Try them out and send us pics @ELLE_Deco. 

Photographs Adel Ferreira Production and styling Maranda Engelbrecht Recipes Karen Pretorius Shot on Location Babylonstoren 

ELLE Decoration Winter 102 June 2015

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