Naked Toothbrush

It may seem like a small change, but it’s a change that makes a big difference. Brushing ‘naked’ is one more step towards going green! What are you waiting for? It’s easy to start small. Elle DECO brushes shoulders with the Naked Toothbrush.



Naked Toothbrush is inspired by and aligned to a more natural lifestyle. With an emphasis on smart living, these eco-brushes are helping to reducing our carbon footprint. In other words ‘go naked’ and start living a refined, naked life. Naked toothbrushes are eco-friendly, made from renewable bamboo and biodegradable vegan-friendly nylon bristles. Each brush is manufactured to strict quality standards and thoroughly tested.

It’s no secret, going green is the in trend towards clean eating, eco-friendly products, eco living choices and keeping one’s home to a minimal, ‘natural-styled’ space. You won’t have to hide your unappealing plastic toothbrush again and compromise on your style. Naked is all about minimalism and stylish design.

Naked Toothbrush
Image supplied by: Naked Toothbrush Instagram

Beauty comes from everywhere – why compromise on style?

Image supplied by: Naked Toothbrush Instagram

We entered the world naked we shall leave the world naked


Need a good reason to go back to ‘naked’ or ‘natural’? Being more sustainable is the way to go to preserve one’s health and environment, to be more responsible and sustainable while living in harmony with nature.


Image supplied by: Naked Toothbrush Instagram



Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material

  1. It resists bacteria
  2. 100% Biodegradable
  3. Produces 35% more Oxygen
  4. Is highly resilient
  5. an adapt and grow in just about any soil or climate.

In fact, it is in fact the fastest growing ‘woody’ plant on Earth! It even leaves the soil cleaner and richer with nutrients than before its presence.

Naked Toothbrush
Image supplied by: Naked Toothbrush Instagram


If you’re travelling: I prefer to be covered up. Store me in your toothbrush holder. I like to keep fresh, clean and dirt-free for you.

At home: I like to be naked. Don’t judge. I’m happiest in a clean and dry environment, separate from other toothbrushes. I like to stand out.

Dry me: After each use – I love the feeling of crisp white towels rubbed against me and don’t mind the air through my bristles.

Rinse me: Hot water and a gentle massage is all my bristles need.

Natural ageing: I am made from bamboo so I tend to change colour and texture as I age. You don’t have to worry about my performance though.

Replacement: Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2-3 months, with proper care, I will last as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush.

Images Supplied by: Naked Toothbrush


To purchase your own Naked Toothbrush visit them on their website or follow them on instagram.



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Candice Lawrence ELLE DecorationDECO intern Candice Lawrence is a part-time photographer and small business owner at Modern Gesture, always challenging assumptions and exploring worthwhile avenues through design. When not learning about new materials and craft techniques, you can find Candice bodyboarding at Muizenburg Beach, catching up with friends or planning her next travel adventure. Find Candice @modern_gesture on Instagram.