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There is no reason why your children’s rooms should not be as stylish as the rest of the house.  This is where Bunny & Clyde come in; they create exclusive solid wooden nursery furniture.

The business came about when three friends fell pregnant virtually simultaneously. The prospect of new babies tickled their imaginations and so two of them began designing their dream nurseries. After about a year of refining designs, prototypes were made and the dream became a reality.

Coco Crib with conversion kit
The Coco crib is bright and spirited with its functional bars transformed into a decorative pattern design. The Conversion Kit allows it to convert into a toddler bed, after which it converts again to become a mini couch.  It is sized for a child, but designed with you in mind.

Toddler bed

By supporting local carpenters that hand craft each item lovingly, we know that our process treads lightly upon the earth.

Mini Couch

We believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand. By designing products that not only grow with your child, we aim for quality that can be passed on for generations.


Our use of honest, raw materials allow us to make a return to traditions that are being swept aside by industry.

Coco Compactum
The Coco compactum is the ultimate compliment to the Coco crib and toddler bed. Together, the alternating white and wood creates an interior that is playful, yet modern and exceptionally stylish.

Have a look at Bunny & Clyde’s collaboration with MOS for DECO over here.

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