Whooopsie ... we got a price wrong!

We were so excited about our new #DECOKID page, that we didn’t notice a product/price error! DECO apologises for the inconvenience, but the Bunny & Clyde Coco Crib, which is featured on page 43, sells for R17 300. It is quite the most fantastic and versatile product we are yet to find in the children’s furniture department, and here’s why …

It is safe to say that “They grow up so fast!” is a phrase uttered at least once by all mums at some point. This is why we adore the beautiful Coco Crib and Conversion Kit from Bunny & Clyde. The Conversion Kit allows the timber crib to convert into a toddler bed, after which it converts again, to become a mini sofa.


The Coco crib is bright and spirited. It is playful and inviting. The beautiful timber and natural grain bring a gentle touch of nature into the bedroom.


Coco-Toddler bed-1
As your baby grows to become a toddler, the Coco Crib can be transformed into the Coco Toddler bed.


The Coco Toddler can then be transformed into the mini sofa … perfect to curl up with a good book and your little one

We believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand. By designing products that not only grow with your child, we aim for quality that can be passed on for generations.


Coco crib with conversion kit: R17300
Coco toddler bed/ mini sofa (without seat cushion): R7000

For more information on the amazing Bunny & Clyde furniture, visit their website here. But be warned, you are most likely going to end up revamping your whole child’s room! We have our eye on this Rosaline Rocking chair:

Rosaline Rocker-2
The Rosaline Rocker, selling for R8900, will outlive the nursery and claim centre stage in your living room.