A selection of Cape Town’s top furniture designers and manufacturers were brought together by The Western Cape Furniture Initiative for an exclusive collaborative showcase, held from the 24th to the 26th of August at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

The Old Biscuit Mill’s industrial setting became a hot backdrop for these local designs. Five favourites include James Mudge’s solid oak table with brass top (We couldn’t stop feeling this beautifully finished brass surface!), Liam Mooney’s Crag cafe chair, James B Hannah’s brightly coloured Villaesque steel lamp sculpture, and Haldane Martin’s white Globe chair. Vogel Design’s brightly coloured woven bench was another favourite.

James Mudge’s solid oak table with brass top (above)

Liam Mooney’s Crag cafe chair (above)

James B Hannah’s Villaesque lamp sculpture (above)

Haldane Martin’s white Globe chair (above)

Vogel Design’s coloured woven bench (above) and Love me love me not tables (below)

Other designers on show included Heath Nash, Pedersen & Lennard, Pierre Cronje, Tsai Design Studio, Kluyts & Co, Supreme Upholstery, Bellacraft Design, Indigi Designs, Recreate and more.

The Western Cape Furniture Initiative aims to develop and grow the local furniture industry, trying to bridge the gap between local designers and manufacturers. Watch this space for more news from this initiative.