On a mission to create socially and culturally conscious fashion, Capsule Projects’ ‘Tomorrow Society’ campaign was officially launched last week.

Formerly known as ‘Rock Me Again’, ‘Tomorrow Society’ is a fashion up-cycling initiative concerned with the state of the South African fashion industry, particularly that its focus is mostly on clothing and not inclusive of broader societal issues. Through ‘Tomorrow Society’, the project organisers intend to demonstrate that fashion can actually be used to drive change.

Up-cycled garments from 'Rock Me Again' 2010

In order to do this, garment bins designed by Adam Court of OKHA, Jared Odell and Tara Deacon have been placed in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban branches of Vida e Caffès. Until the 15th of August, people will be able to place their old and unwanted clothing in these bins after which they will be transformed into unique fashion pieces by selected local fashion designers.

The new creations will be photographed for an online exhibition on capsuleprojects.com during the month of October as a way of promoting sustainability and encouraging people to recycle old clothing. Left over garments from the bins will be donated to various charities.

To drop off your contributions to the project, visit the following Vida e Caffès:

Cape Town- Kloof street, Prestwich street and Roeland street

Johannesburg- 24 Central Sandton and Greenside

Durban- Florida road

Images and information sourced from www.capsuleprojects.com and www.vidaecaffe.com