Bliss Round Blue by Mae Engelgeer for cc-tapis

Existing cc-tapis collections were given new life at this month’s Parisian design trade fair, Maison & Objet. The heavenly contemporary hand-knotted rugs made in Nepal are born from collaborations with high-profile designers.


The Super Fake Collection by Bethan Laura Wood

A series of rugs inspired by the collision of the man-made with nature. Each based on a different rock form whose surface patterns are created through the organic build-up of sediment through time and materials under pressure:

‘…each layer or facet is represented by a variety of beautiful rug-making techniques which have been developed over centuries by Tibetan artisans.’ – Bethan Laura Wood

(left) Asmara by Federico Pepe (right) detail of Parvata by Jean Marie Massaud for cc-tapis

Asmara by Federico Pepe & Parvata by Jean Marie Massaud

The Asmara rug is a tribute to the capital of Eritrea, now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its modernist architecture:

This rug has an aspect focusing on materials and the simplicity of the workmanship. To this, I applied lines which are inspired by the iconography and the formal essentiality of modernist architecture.’ – Federico Pepe

The Parvata rug pays homage to the country it was created in, with the name being the Nepali word for mountain and is produced by cc-tapis in the Kathmandu valley at the base of the Himalayas: 

‘Nepalese and Tibetan craftsmen, masters of the art of hand-knotted rugs, have translated our concept in their own traditional aesthetic-language to convey the natural wonders of Himalayan rock formations.’ – Jean-Marie Massaud


The Slinkie Collection by Patricia Urquiola

The Slinkie collection is a design story revolving around colour – a visual exercise aimed at transforming the intangible idea of shade and hue into a finely produced and sophisticated product:

‘a succession of chromatic evolutions developed in a composite universe of organic shapes’ – Patricia Urquiola

(left) detail of Envolvée by Cristina Celestino (right) Big Bliss Blue by Mae Engelgeer for cc-tapis

Envolée by Cristina Celestino & Big Bliss Blue by Mae Engelgeer

Envolée is a new offering from extraordinary Cristina Celestino and takes inspiration from butterfly wings under microscope taken to a macro scale:

‘inspired by one of the most delicate architectures present in nature: the wings of a butterfly.’ – Cristina Celestino

The Bliss Collection is a characterised by a sculptural and three-dimensional effect with bold graphic shapes. The distinct variety of pile heights created in Himalayan wool and pure silk creates a dense design:

‘Keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and experimenting with shape and colour was the start of the BLISS collection.’

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