These ceramics are the work of Ben Fiess, who lives in Philadelphia. What do we love about his work? Well, for one, they look like sweeties. Like tubes of Lifesavers (some of them) and sherbet fruits (others. scroll down…). But most of all, what we like about them is that they’re not the usual. They’re something we haven’t seen before. And the colours…

B.Fiess says:

“I’m interested in materials, colors, and, in general, objects of visual concern. I work to create copasetic forms in space. Tangible artifacts are of great import to me; I’ve spent my formal education studing the ceramic medium but also have a broader curiosity of many materials and the perception of them.

During graduate school at Indiana University, my fascination with ceramic chemistry prompted me to develop an online glaze and clay body database. (It is currently being rewritten and improved). Ceramic surfaces are endlessly engaging and I hope to continue my exploration as long as I’m working with clay.

I enjoy bright madras neckties, bicycling, and cold weather.

Not so long ago, Ben lived in rural Minnesota where he ‘tended a farm, growing plants, keeping goats out of trouble, raising barns, and eating great food.’ 

Currently I reside in Philadelphia; I just moved and I’m setting up my new studio. Please excuse me if it takes me a few days to answer your email.


We like Ben’s life as much as we like his ceramics. 

This is Ben. 

To view more of his wonderful work visit

 Posted by Inge van der Merwe and Jenny Mason