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We are infatuated with handmade things, especially when it comes to our decor, and ceramics can make any space feel special. With a new wave of young potters sprouting up in cities worldwide (and across the web!), now is the time to investigate the rebirth of this often overlooked art form. Whether you’re in the market for vases, dishware, or tiles, here is our guide to navigating today’s trends in ceramics…

Where To Shop

  • Start local – If you’re on a budget, flea markets and estate sales are full of unique finds for
    cheap—and with plenty of character. If you’re searching for more of an investment piece, research designers in your area who either have a shop of their own or have work on display in nearby galleries.
  • Search social media – Instagram and Pinterest are two of the best sources for finding up-and-coming designers. Get lost in the world of social media by starting on your favorite design pages (like our’s!) or checking out what hashtags like ‘#ceramics’ have to offer.
  • Online shop – When in doubt, try digital marketplaces like Etsy and Big Cartel that list thousands of different artists that can ship right to your door.

 Trends To Try

  • Imperfect pieces – Keep an eye out for bowls and vases that are far from pristine—this means uneven patterns, asymmetrical shapes, and anything that makes a piece truly special.
  • Hand-crafted dish ware – Whether for daily use or just special occasions, handmade dishes add character to any table setting. Opt for mismatched pieces to give each guest a personalized experience.
  • Go dark – Choose black or navy blue ceramics to offset light decor. They add balance to your color scheme and stand as bold statement pieces.
  • Geometric vases – They’re both functional and unconventional. Pick vases that are unique shapes to give the room a modern touch.
  • Bespoke tiles Take your ceramics collection to the next level by installing colorful hand-crafted tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. Or for an easier addition, use them simply as drink

When To Splurge

  • If the artist is up-and-coming –  Do some research on their background. If they have a strong following and plenty of upcoming shows, buying their work might just be an investment.
  • If you really love it –  The great thing with pottery is that it’s one of a kind! So if you’re unsure about a purchase, do take time to think about it—but keep in mind that it’s the only piece out there quite like it.
  • If youre re-doing a room – While it makes sense to spend big on necessities like couches and kitchen appliances, if you have the option to splurge on artwork it can easily change the atmosphere of a room. Ceramics in particular can add color and personality to an otherwise simple space.

How To Care For Your Ceramics

Check first with the designer or website to see if they have recommendations for the care of your ceramics. Typically, a toothbrush and a combination of warm water and white vinegar will do the trick!

Compiled by Sara Tardiff


Sara Tardiff is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn (for now). She lives for making her passport pages as colorful as possible and collaborating with other creative women. In the name of balance, you are just as likely to find her doing hot yoga in the morning as you are sipping rosé at night.

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