French designer Charlotte Perriand’s unrealised 1934 beach house was brought to life by Louis Vuitton at The Raleigh Hotel on South Beach during this year’s edition of Design Miami.

Charlotte Perriand was a French architect and designer. Her work aimed to create functional living spaces in the belief that better design helps in creating a better society. In her article L’Art de Vivre from 1981 she states

The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living- living in harmony with man’s deepest drives and with his adopted or fabricated environment.


In 1934, Charlotte Perriand designed an easily constructible holiday house, with two bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen and a sailcloth-covered deck, elevated on piloti. She called it ‘La Maison au bord de l’eau’.

During this year’s Design Miami, nearly 80 years later, the house was finally constructed on Miami Beach. Now it will be sold, presumably to an art collector with an equivalent passion for design.


With aluminium walls, sliding doors, and an unimaginable number of details for happy living (shelves under tables to keep napkins; fold-up, storable sun-loungers; double glazing, a double sink), the house is an apotheosis of Modernist principles brought to life.

Designed to be erected by water, its iroko floors and okuma walls were also chosen for their insect-repellent qualities. Entirely contemporary by today’s tastes, it was, unsurprisingly, considered utterly de trop in 1934.

‘No one was interested in building it. The reaction was one of dislike to horror,’ says Pernette.



Found via Wallpaper | Text by Caroline Roux