We nominated Cheick Diallo as Designer of the Year for EDIDA 2014.


Why we chose him?

He is not only promoting economic development through his designs in Mali, but also developing a unique, bold African design aesthetic. His use of recycled steel for the furniture structure speak of the designer’s ‘design consciousness’ at a time when questions of over and mass production are pertinent to all design disciplines.

Cheick Diallo’s impeccable furniture and objects challenge common perceptions of African design with their mix of ancient wisdom and contemporary sensibility. A creative risk-taker, Diallo trained as an architect and designer in France, before establishing a studio in his home city. His team of artisans manufacture objects from everyday detritus – from bottle tops to old tyres. Diallo has exhibited at Milan and various international Design Biennales.

Design Network Africa




“I don’t have an interest in design if it is only to remake that which already exists.”



To see who else we nominated for EDIDA 2014, see p54 of the Trends Issue 94 

All images sourced from Design Network Africa