Elle Decoration Trends Issue No. 88, now on shelf, offers a DECOKids cooking feature, with fun, cool recipes that kids can easily pull off. This chicken pie, for instance, raises an instant smile and is as easy as falling off a rolling pin. And if your guys are looking for something to do that has nothing to do with covering books or sewing on name tags this week, what could be more rewarding?

Turn to P 111. for the pastry recipe. The chicken feet are easy. Slice through the fattest part of the potato so you can cut out legs and feet from a large enough surface area.


Remove skin and bone from a grilled chicken, and roughly chop the flesh. Add a sauteed diced onion, some fresh herbs, a cube of chicken stock, garlic and salt to taste. Put all these ingredients in a deep based frying pan and top up with a little water. (Add a dash of cream of milk, for a richer sauce.) Bring to the boil, and stir in some gravy / thickener – using two tablespoons of flour mixed into a paste, with about half a cup of water. The filling should be the consistency of a goulash or stew. Some like it thicker than others. Let your kids do what they like : )

Spoon into individual pie tins and top with a pastry round. Glaze pastry with egg. Bake on high for about 20 minutes or until pastry is golden and crisp.

Stand a chance to win the wonderful cook book by Josh Thirion – “Cook with Josh – recipes and games for kids”, by commenting on this post, and telling us what your favorite dessert is!

Styling: Hendrik Coetzee

Photographs: Adel Ferreira