Nature is around us everywhere and filled with colour, patterns and textures – there is no place better to draw inspiration from. We look at exquisite packaging design inspired by nature. 


The Soap & Paper Factory
‘We created this line to combine all natural, beautifully scented, handmade products wrapped in exquisite, earth-friendly packages,’ The Soap & Paper Factory says on its website.

Each pattern and fragrance are created together. Each fragrance is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Each pattern starts as a hand drawing often inspired by nature and finished with a modern flair.

‘The Underwearables product range is a selection of classic cotton icons with strong roots in the Scandinavian tradition for simplicity and quality. Mixed with inherited craftmanship from artisans around the world, they are seasonless pieces that promote a unique expression and sustainability that last through time. Supporting local businesses and production methods, the products are made in a in a mix of factory, handmade and fairtrade production.’

It’s a collection with a certain kind of nostalgia mixed with a modern zest for adventure, that takes you out in the world and back home.


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Compiled by Ilana Swanepoel