Amy and Charl were lucky enough to attend CHOP last Thursday, the secret restaurant run by the master minds behind the Toffie Food Festival. If CHOP is anything to go by, then get your tickets for the festival now, which takes place on 3-4 September.

The location and menu are both secret and add an air of mystery and expectation to the evening. We arrived to a venue completely covered in brown paper – even the chairs had been covered, and a paper room divide had a live video of Niagara Falls projected onto it. Guests included a doctor, a politician, two journalists and two designers. The eclectic group made for some great conversation and the waiters made sure everyone was drinking either wine or beer all evening.

The evening began with a ‘snack pack’ consisting of a gherkin, a chip, a piece of popcorn, a quails egg and a piece of biltong. Following this we enjoyed ravioli in sage butter (which we were convinced was filled with mushroom, only later to discover that it was veal brains…). Conversation and booze flowed like the Niagara Falls behind us and onto the next course, a large steak, smoked potatoes and a photograph of vegetables instead of the real thing, as well as a giant communal ostrich egg.

Then the lights went out and we were each given a UV light and invisible ink pens to play with. The waiters emerged with our dessert, glow-in-the-dark vodka jellies. We realised that the entire menu was in fact written on the table in invisible ink and we were able to see what we had been eating. (Lots of meat – perhaps when booking mention if you are a veggie.)

Hannerie and Peet from The President do all the cooking themselves. They give as much thought and creativity to the food as they do to anything else. The night was a spectacle of food, totally fearless and I will remember it forever.