Whether your tree was up on December 1st or you’re waiting until the last minute to do it, there’s no doubt that the time for thinking about Christmas decorations is upon us. And if you align yourself with a more minimal style, the thought of garish lights and tinsel can seem a little offputting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmas spirit, it’s pretty simple to combine your minimalist style with a festive spirit. So, don’t be a Grinch this year and check out our list of minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration.

Stick To a Muted Colour Scheme

minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration
Source: myparadissi.com

As with most Scandi-inspired things, you won’t find loads of bright colour in the minimalist’s Christmas home. Even when it comes to Christmas decorations, stick to neutrals, black and white with pops of greens.

Bring The Outside In With Branches and Leaves

minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration
Source: brunchonsunday.com; elledecor.com

Minimalism incorporates lots of plants throughout the home to add warmth and life to an otherwise bare aesthetic, so make sure to use indigenous branches and plants as part of your minimalist Christmas decorations.

Have Fine Lights on Display

minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration
Source: homeyohmy.com; Pinterest

Just because you want festive lights doesn’t mean you have to have brash green and red flickering aggressively at you, incorporate this tradition by using delicate, single-coloured lights, preferably in a warm white.

Make Your Own Wreaths

minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration
Source: treasuresandtravelsblog.com; kristinalynne.ca

We’ve already seen how popular greenery is for the minimalist and wreaths are a great way to work plants and Christmas cheer into your home. They are pretty easy to make yourself, all you need is wire, twine and plants of your choice.

Wrap It Up

minimalist Christmas decoration inspiration
Source: kristinalynne.ca

While you’re living your best minimalist Christmas life, you may as well go all out and keep your wrapping in theme with your Christmas decorations. Use simple neutral colours and, you guessed it, bits of greenery and you are good to go.