Ronel Jordaan wool rock cushion
To create her wool rock cushions and upholstery, designer Ronel Jordaan uses the age-old threads in the most contemporary ways.

It is not often that you find something as old as the hills but not out-of-date, something that both our ancestors relied on and is still at the forefront of innovation today. We are talking about WOOL and this week it will be celebrated and explored with a fusion of creativity at the official Wool Week festival.

Head to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to rediscover the beauty and possibilities of this versatile fabric until Sunday 12 April 2015. Fashion, decor, design and architectural uses of wool will be showcased alongside some off-the-wall events.

Wool Week is an international initiative supported by the South African wool community celebrating the versatility, luxuriousness, and ecologically-friendly credentials of this natural fibre.

Wool Week Expo
Get inspired at the Wool Week Expo

From live Merino sheep displays, to an urban and woolly bicycle ride, there is so much to see, do and learn about over the next few days. Wool is no longer only used for thick sweaters to beat the winter chill, but on wall displays, jewellery, customised cutlery and furniture. Wool in the arts is a dynamic combination that is causing much inspiration and pushing possibilities.

See the programme below for more information. If you go along to #WoolWeek, don’t forget to tweet us with pictures and comments on what you enjoyed most @ELLE_Deco.


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