We’re a heartbeat away from the arrival of spring, and feeling the need to call in some brightness. Big time.

In a dark or neutral interior, fluoro and neon accents pop like Chinese firecrackers in the dark. Especially if your dominant colours are tones of grey or charcoal – or pure white.

Our interns at ELLE DECORATION have been trying out a few things with fluoro. On their travels, they also found these wonderful inspirational ideas (scroll down) on the beautiful blog of Harriet Goodall, a weaver of extraordinary things.

Harriet was also the gorgeous bride featured in last week’s post: the story of an Australian outdoor celebration in a forest. To read more about Harriet’s weaving and fluoro workshop at The School, go to The School.

Fluoro & weaving workshop at 'The School', by Harriet Goodall. Images by Caroline McCready
Weaving artist Harriet Goodall at The School's weaving & fluoro workshop.

We love how fluoro paint gives organic objets like Harriet’s baskets and nests a modern look. We also like how it freshens up just about any old thing. Take a few inexpensive wooden spoons, or some beat up old cutlery, or a bunch of beat-up old coat hangers…see what you can do.

Have a squizz: some visuals from our Winter Issue, where fluoro was hero.

Images of cutlery and hangers via www.bohemianhome.com, www.scraphacker.comwww.literallyinspired.com

Posted by Inge van der Merwe / Jenny Mason