The Clarens Craft Beer Festival, sponsored by SAB, ran from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February 2013. 

Participating breweries:
Black Horse, Brauhaus am Damm, Chameleon Brewhouse, Clarens Brewery, Cockpit Brewhouse, Copper Lake Brewery, Darling Slow Brew, De Garve Brewery, Dog and Fig Brewery, Drayman’s Craft Distillery, Everson’s Cider Jack Black Beer, Mitchell’s Brewery, Mtunzini Brewery, Porcupine Quill Brewery, Shongweni Brewery, South African Breweries, Standeaven, The Keghouse and Three Skulls Brew Works.

Four Clarens restaurants participated, preparing pairings to the brews on offer: Clementines Restaurant with The Cockpit Brewhouse,  278 on Main with Darling Slow Brew, Adamo Resturant (at the Protea Clarens) with Drayman’s Brewery, and Phatt Chef Restaurant with Three Skulls Brew Works.