Ah coffee – many of the greats this world has seen would agree that coffee has greatly contributed to a lot of their innovations and plays a vital role in the world we have today. Interior designer (and now avid coffee consumer), Janine Saal takes us on a trip through the blends of some of the best speciality coffee shops in town with interiors to match. 

I can confidently say that never in my life have I consumed this much coffee in one day, but I also have to admit that I am becoming a true believer in this ancient and oh so delicious brew.

These are my top 5 must-try coffee shops in Cape Town…

Rosetta Roastery – The Informants 

Sipping on my Villa Sarchi Latte, I concluded that I had started the excursion on a good note. The interior is contemporary, simplistic and dark but simultaneously warm with the raw materials of wood and stone tiles. The space is welcoming and the baristas are very informative, happy to answer questions from the inquisitive customer.

The barista Oli and the co-owner Jono will gladly help if you have any questions and we most definitely had a few of our own – from the calibration of the beans to what make specifically a good cup of coffee. It was not only a good tasting experience but also an informative one.


Tribe Coffee Roasting –  The Blended

We started by trying their Cortado, a classic latte and some iced coffee. They specialise in having a unique blend of 9 coffees which hits the palette just right. One also has the option of going with single origin coffees.

The interior is a mix of raw and synthetic materials – the walls are blue and the space is partitioned with bird nest dividers, plywood and raw wooden tables add warmth. This spot is exactly what you would expect from a relaxed and chilled space in The Woodstock Foundry.


Espresso Lab Microroasters – The Scientists

The third one on the list is none other than Espresso Lab found in the Old Biscuit Mill. This was an experience for all the senses. We asked the baristas to recommend something and little did we know what a taste bud roller coaster ride we were in for.

We tried the Cascara Fizz which consists of cascara syrup made from the skins of the beans and iced sparkling water. Second up was the Black Tonic which is made up of a single espresso, sweetener and iced tonic. Both these coffees are served in scientific measuring cups.

The concept was exciting and was echoed throughout the interior, from the crisp white layout to the presentation of their coffee. The baristas are well informed and every cup will make you want more.


Origin Coffee Roasting: The Originals

We then shimmied over to Origin Coffee and decided to go for two tasting boards which consist of an espresso, a flat white and one alternative brew method as the menu stipulates. We decided to go for a blended and single origin version from Kenya. The use of raw materials such as rusted columns and wooden tables gives the shop a rather rustic feel.


Uncle Bear Coffee Company – The Wild Card

Last but not by any measure least, we ended up at Uncle Bear. As the wild card of the bunch this coffee shop can be found along Long Street and functions in a very impressive 4 square meter space that is well thought out with a fresh aesthetic and clean lines. Uncle Bear is about making speciality coffee accessible to passers by who may want a quick cup to go.


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