A little bit of colour goes a long way, especially when you’re busy revamping a room on a small budget. Designers, Megan and Mike Gilger, take you on a tour through their guest room and share some of their styling secrets.

Create a calming contrast with light greys and deep blues.

The cooling colour palette has helped these two creative minds achieve exactly what they set out to do. Their accent wall is also a great example of how to use colour minimally but boldly at the same time. It sets a tone for the interior scheme.

Other simple details such as natural tones, dark wood, greenery and textured fibres add effortless beauty to the space, but Megan describes their experience as

anything but effortless.

We wanted to create a space that is comfortable, quiet, interesting, and fresh for all of our guests.

Don’t be afraid to mix your linen textures.
Don’t be afraid to mix your linen textures.


For insightful tips on how to create the perfect accent wall, take their home tour online, or if you’re looking for more colour inspiration grab a copy of our  Trends Issue on shelf 25 January – we’re talking 2016 colour palettes!

Images from: thefreshexchangeblog.com


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