“Blushing is the colour of virtue” – Diogenes

Although universally considered a feminine colour (except in Japan where pink is associated with men), pink is surprisingly versatile and can be the star of the blushing palette. It adapts to different moods,  making it accessible to both the ladies and gentlemen.

One shade that is stealing the spotlight at the moment  is blush, with it’s ‘barely there’ sophistication. Falling into the feminine pink category, it’s been undervalued by many, but is making a bold comeback from wardrobes to walls.

The tones of gray, pale turquoise and pink will prevail. – Christian Dior

Use shades of blush, combined with cream and white for instant classicism. It is also always effective to harmonise beige hues and earthy tones with pinker shades and metallic accents for a touch of drama.

Turn up the heat by pairing pink with earth-toned hues, in combinations of coral, soft pinks, tan and taupe.

My parents told me I’d point to a bed of flowers and say ‘Pink. Pretty,’ before I knew any other words. – Joni Mitchell

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First Published in Elle Decoration Issue 86.